The London School of Economics Rowing Club (LSERC) welcomes rowers and coxes of all experience levels.

Whether you’re looking to push yourself physically, keep fit or just make friends, LSERC is for you!​

The club prides itself on being one of the most inclusive, social and athletic sports clubs at LSE, as recognised by frequently winning the Students’ Union Gold STARS award. We offer an active and friendly community for all genders and abilities.

Who we are

Founded in 1923, LSERC has always accommodated for all genders, and all abilities. We cater for individuals seeking membership to an active and friendly community, people wishing to seriously compete, as well as students who simply want to maintain fitness.

mission & vision

Our Mission

The LSERC aims to increase access to rowing which, as a highly capital intensive sport, has been unavailable to many students previously (62.5% of our current members did not have access to the sport prior to joining LSE).​ To us, representation in rowing means the inclusion and promotion of racially diverse, economically diverse and LGBTQIA+ students.


Our History

The history of our club could hardly be described as conventional. Having been initially founded in 1923, the Club was dormant from 1977 until its re-establishment in 1991-92 by Dr. Charles E. Ehrlich. Quite the character, Charles named the club The LSE Soviet Socialist Rowing Club! Despite owning virtually no equipment; the club did possess a fleet of distinctly named vessels: “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, “Mao Tse-Tung”, and “Tyranny of the Majority”. Whilst pursuing his Master’s degree, Charles, with great difficulty, worked to once again establish the club with what little resources he had.

Click here for an entertaining account of Charles' tenure as Club Captain (or 'Party Chairman'!)


Women in Rowing
By Francesca Campbell
May 5, 2022

On the Thursday 5th May, we welcomed Magdalene (Maggie) Mlynek and Ellen Buttrick, MBE, (both students at the LSE) to give a talk on their experiences as ‘Women in Rowing’ to our members and the wider LSE community. Our Outreach Officer, Oscar Beale, kindly hosted the event.

BUCS Regatta
By Abigail Wilhelm
May 2, 2022

24 hours before BUCS began, and we didn’t even have a boat. Queen Mary, our ULBC neighbors, kindly agreed to trailer our boat, Connie, to BUCS so we could race in the Women's Championship 4-. We feared that Connie wouldn’t pass the safety check, as she has a Tupperware container duct taped to her to keep the water out, but we figured we had to try. If all else failed, at least there are cheaper pubs in Nottingham. Abby, Margo, and Maggie, motivated by Francesca’s promise of snacks, took the long commute to Chiswick to strap our good ol’ reliable Connie down for her road trip.

Hammersmith Regatta
By Eleanor Cartlidge
April 23, 2022

As the spring slowly turns into summer, rowers can rejoice (or fear) the return of regatta season! On the 23rd April, LSERC tackled their first summer regatta of 2022 as the W1 4- took to the Thames yet again. Rowing from our boat club at ULBC up to the starting line at Hammersmith proved treacherous as white-cap waves crashed over the boat and winds managed to snatch away poor Francesca’s visor...