LSERC's Trip to Malaga

March 17, 2023
By Alfie Purvis

On Friday 17th March, after a year-long wait, LSERC made a long-awaited return to Europe. On this occasion, we blessed Malaga in sunny Southern Spain with our presence. Despite an early start and some rainy weather on arrival, like true tourists, we swiftly found somewhere serving paella and sangria. After filling our bellies and quenching our thirsts, there was only one thing to do. Siesta! The rest of the weekend passed in a similar fashion…

East, sleep, sangria, repeat.

On Friday night, we ventured to a lovely Irish bar, which poured an acceptable Guinness (when in Malaga), but made a dreadful Sangria. However, the quality of drinks did not deter us from exploring Malaga’s nightlife. On our entry to the club we were awarded a bottle of Champagne (sparkling wine) adorned with a sparkler for being the best dressed, which can only be attributed to the vintage clothing shop we visited in the morning. Or perhaps the promoter was desperate, who knows? Saturday morning was not an option for many of us, so it was Saturday afternoon when we ventured down to the beach to dip our toes in the sea. Despite a balmy 18 degrees, the water was cold and choppy so we relegated ourselves to playing touch rugby, optimistic sunbathing, eating large quantities of cured meat, and digging a big hole. Man dig big hole. Man dig very big hole.
Saturday night soon arrived and we found ourselves in a club where a live saxophonist played Mr Saxobeat, a truly life changing experience. The night was topped off by a visit to Malaga’s favourite kebab chain, OK Kebab, which proved to be more than satisfactory. Our last full day (Monday was a hectic dash back to the airport) was spent on cultural enrichment. The club revelled in seeing a Roman amphitheatre, the historic cathedral, the Moorish castle, and the bright lights of Burger King. On the final evening, a club-wide dinner was enjoyed at a local tapas restaurant before we ventured once more unto the breach that was Malaga’s nightlife.