Training Schedule
Our outings take place at the University of London Boat Club (ULBC), in Chiswick, on the River Thames and, for the most part, are led by our coach. These will typically last 1.5-2 hours, including getting the boat out and putting it away.
'Ergs' are our rowing machine sessions, which take place on LSE campus. We typically do these on weekday mornings, before classes start and often follow them with a fourth floor breakfast! Sessions take place within a 1 hour window.
Strength & conditioning
We have recently began to book out the new gym in the Marshall Building, on LSE campus. These sessions last 1 hour and consist of a series of strength-based exercises and core training.
club circuits
Every Tuesday morning at 8am, the whole club meets in the sports hall on campus for Club Circuits. This is a great way to bring everyone together at the start of the week and always ends with an Old Building fourth floor breakfast.

At LSERC, we understand our members have various commitments outside of rowing and, as a result, are very flexible with our training schedules! In the run up to races it will be important to stick to the training plan and attend regular outings but, for the most part, you are free to create a schedule that works for you. Below we will outline a typical week's training for each of our squads but please note that this is just a guideline.

Senior/Intermediate Squad:
Monday: Ergs, Strength & Conditioning (S&C)
Tuesday: Club Circuits
Wednesday: Outing
Thursday: Ergs
Friday: S&C
Saturday: Outing
Sunday: Rest day

Development Squad:
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Club Circuits
Wednesday: Ergs
Thursday: S&C
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Outing

Novices may also have 'Tank Sessions' (pictured below), particularly towards the beginning of term before they go out on the River Thames. Novice coxes will also be expected to attend these.