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Women in Rowing
May 5, 2022
By Francesca Campbell

On the Thursday 5th May, we welcomed Magdalene (Maggie) Mlynek and Ellen Buttrick, MBE, (both students at the LSE) to give a talk on their experiences as ‘Women in Rowing’ to our members and the wider LSE community. Our Outreach Officer, Oscar Beale, kindly hosted the event.

BUCS Regatta
May 2, 2022
By Abigail Wilhelm

24 hours before BUCS began, and we didn’t even have a boat. Queen Mary, our ULBC neighbors, kindly agreed to trailer our boat, Connie, to BUCS so we could race in the Women's Championship 4-. We feared that Connie wouldn’t pass the safety check, as she has a Tupperware container duct taped to her to keep the water out, but we figured we had to try. If all else failed, at least there are cheaper pubs in Nottingham. Abby, Margo, and Maggie, motivated by Francesca’s promise of snacks, took the long commute to Chiswick to strap our good ol’ reliable Connie down for her road trip.