TEAMS and Training


Traditionally, LSERC has had 4 mens' and 4 womens' teams; mostly eights but sometimes coxed fours as well. Teams are decided by coaches and captains, and are determined by attitude and commitment to the club, erg tests, and performance on the water.  

However, we are looking into swapping to a more squad-orientated system of teams, to encourage better competition among boats and seats throughout the year. More information to come in Freshers Week 2019! 

In addition to sweep rowing sessions, sculling is also available via the LSERC. Please contact us for more information.


Although it varies from boat to boat, our training schedule is comprised primarily of erg sessions, river outings and indoor circuits. 


Erg sessions are boat-dependent, and are decided by respective captains. Most boats can expect 2-4 erg sessions per week. 

Our river outings take place at the University of London Boat Club, in Chiswick. All teams have outings on Sundays, and many also do additional outings on a Wednesday. 


The indoor circuits are held in the Old Building gym, which is at its basement level at 08:00 on Mondays and we invite all members to come along.