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Jan 25, 2020

Quintin Head 2020

On January the 25th M1 and W1 took part in the Quintin Head Race. LSE’s morale was high that morning despite the very cold weather; it was great seeing everyone in their new kit, and two rather interesting bucket hats in the men’s boat. A great start to the day was followed by good results from both teams. M1 and W1 both took 7th place in their divisions; with the girls overtaking 3 other crews during the 4.5km racecourse!! A big shout-out to their cox, Jackie, for her motivation and quirky comments while other crews were left behind the women’s 8; she kept the girls in the zone until their very last stroke. The day was ended with a nice and wholesome pub trip to celebrate the success of both teams!

Nov 30, 2019

Allom Cup 2019

The Allom Cup, raced annually on the River Thames, is an 800m race from ULBC to just before Chiswick Bridge. Dating back to 1925, the historic race is hotly contested every year, and on the 30th of November 2019, LSERC boated their first and second men’s eights, along with a first women’s four and the second women’s eight. Taking place on the same day, the UH Novice Regatta saw two men’s eights and a women’s eight compete. The huge display from LSE was evidently intimidating from the outset, dominating clubs from all over London. The Women’s Senior 4+ kicked off the day’s events, racing against RUMS, fiercely close from the beginning. An unfortunate crab saw the four narrowly miss victory, but it was an impressive display from the girls. More intense clashes with RUMS and UCL saw the Women’s and Men’s Intermediate 8+ just unable to hold off their competitors, despite impeccable performances, but held their heads high and vowed to defeat them next time. The Men’s Senior 8+, however, wowed the crowd with three straight victories - firstly in the quarter finals against KCL B (5L), secondly in the semi-finals against UCL (1 1/4L) and finally in the finals against RUMS (1 1/4L), walking away with the renowned Allom Cup, “a surprise, to be sure” according to the organisers. Later that day, LSE’s Women’s Novice 8+ achieved an extremely impressive 5L victory over ICSM, whilst both Men’s Novice 8+’s put up a good fight but couldn’t quite get there. A hugely successful and volatile day of racing, in usual LSE fashion, was rounded out with a trip to the pub and a party in Peckham later in the evening, celebrating the thrills of the day!

Nov 16, 2019

Cambridge Winter Head 2019

On the 16th of November, four LSE crews travelled to Cambridge to compete in our first event of the season. Following last year’s multiple calamities, including one particular member of the Women’s 2nd VIII deciding to swim the second half of the course, the purple and yellow army returned to march on the Cam once more. To quote our charming, understated and tactful coach, “this year is about damage control, gentlemen”.  The outstanding performers this year were the women’s 1st IV, who produced a dazzling display to come 2nd in their highly competitive category. The rest of us did alright too in all fairness, with M1 brushing off a minor bump with the bank to put down a solid time, M2 managing to not crash at all this year and the women’s eight crossing the line with all crew members safely on board. Resisting the temptation to sack it off and get an Uber, the brave LSERC then trooped through Cambridge for 45 minutes to reach Europe’s largest spoons, where we sat outside in the freezing cold and complained for a bit, before the weak went home and the strong embarked on Europe’s largest pub crawl.

Sep 05, 2019

Recruiting New Rowers & Coxes!

Thinking of joining us this 2019-20 season? Please join our Facebook group! Either search "LSE Rowing Club Freshers Group 2019/20," or click here

The group will be updated with all the important information heading into Freshers' Week, so keep an eye out. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Apr 24, 2019

Rowing wins LSESU Gold Stars

We are happy to announce that the LSERC repeated its success of the last two years and has won a 2019 GOLD Student Training and Recognition Scheme (STARS) from the LSE Students' Union!

The LSESU STARS are designed to recognise well-run, inclusive and fun student groups.

Apr 18, 2019

Heineken Roeivierkamp Regatta, Amsterdam

In recent years it has become an LSERC tradition to enter an overseas regatta in a European city, be totally outclassed by the competition, but still have an amazing weekend. Because the club is actually performing quite well at the moment, we had to carefully choose a regatta that would ensure we wouldn’t break this tradition. In hindsight, inflating our 2k erg times to an average of about 6:20 for the guys and 7:30 for the girls was probably too far, but it meant we all got accepted into the elite category of the Heineken Roeivierkamp, a huge regatta in Amsterdam. In events which were later described as ‘character building’, we stuck to the script and were completely outperformed by some good-looking and exceptionally tall Dutch people. We also stuck to the other half of the tradition and had a very memorable weekend in Amsterdam.

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