Novice Information

If you are new to rowing or coxing and would like to get involved, awesome! We'd love for you to come along and see if it's right for you, the majority of the club are novices so you certainly wont be alone!


The best time to start is the beginning of Michaelmas term. We hold ‘Give-It-A-Go’ sessions where novices can learn rowing from scratch - starting on ergs, taking part in a tank session, and finally, an outing under supervision. If you're interested, please come and have a chat at our stall during the Freshers' Fair (Friday 27 September 2019). 


We are particularly interested in taking on new coxes of any experience. Anyone interested in learning more should speak to our Head Cox (Jackie Sands) at Freshers’ Fair for more information.

If have rowed before please check out the experienced rower page here.