Welcome to LSERC! 

The London School of Economics Rowing Club (LSERC) welcomes rowers and coxes of all experience levels. Whether you’re looking to push yourself physically, keep fit, make friends, or simply find a group of people always willing to go to the pub, LSERC is for you! 

LSERC regularly competes in both local and international competitions. We participate in UK-based races, including Cambridge Head, Head of the River, Quintin Head, Hammersmith Head and BUCS. We also go on one international trip each year – previous destinations have included Bruges, Toulouse, Budapest and Amsterdam.  For a closer look at our training schedule, please click here

As important as the training side of rowing is, we place equal emphasis on socialising and having fun. As with many LSE sports clubs, we enjoy our Wednesday evenings together (almost always ending in the LSE sports night at the infamous Zoo Bar), regular curry nights in Brick Lane, team dinners and loads of one-off socials organised by the committee and Athletics Union throughout the year. 

The club prides itself on being one of the most inclusive, social and athletic sports clubs at LSE, as recognised by winning the Students’ Union Gold STARS award in 2014, 2017 and 2018/19. We know rowing often has a connotation of a particular demographic, or type of person who rows, but LSERC is committed to breaking down these barriers and keeping rowing as a sport for everyone. Our committee are making a conscious effort to ensure that members know the Rowing Club is an inclusive and diverse club. We continue to emphasise our commitment against any sort of discrimination – any form of bullying is completely unacceptable and will be dealt with appropriately. 

In summary, the LSERC accommodates for both men and women of all abilities and motivations. We cater for individuals seeking membership to an active and friendly community, people wishing to seriously compete, as well as students who simply want to maintain fitness. Our rowing club is for everyone – simply wanting to be a part of LSERC is enough!