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Apr 24, 2019

Rowing wins LSESU Gold Stars

We are happy to announce that the LSERC repeated its success of the last two years and has won a 2019 GOLD Student Training and Recognition Scheme (STARS) from the LSE Students' Union!

The LSESU STARS are designed to recognise well-run, inclusive and fun student groups.

Written by John Tan 2018/19 President

Apr 18, 2019

Heineken Roeivierkamp Regatta, Amsterdam

In recent years it has become an LSERC tradition to enter an overseas regatta in a European city, be totally outclassed by the competition, but still have an amazing weekend. Because the club is actually performing quite well at the moment, we had to carefully choose a regatta that would ensure we wouldn’t break this tradition. In hindsight, inflating our 2k erg times to an average of about 6:20 for the guys and 7:30 for the girls was probably too far, but it meant we all got accepted into the elite category of the Heineken Roeivierkamp, a huge regatta in Amsterdam. In events which were later described as ‘character building’, we stuck to the script and were completely outperformed by some good-looking and exceptionally tall Dutch people. We also stuck to the other half of the tradition and had a very memorable weekend in Amsterdam.

Written by Toby Cook

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